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Our Creme Brulee Vanilla Caneles (Pack of 8)


Eating this - like a trip to France! If you're looking for something delicious... I can't recommend this more highly. If you're unfamiliar with caneles, they're basically a French pastry whose flavor is reminiscent of creme brulee and whose texture lays somewhere between a cake and a custard. They look like tiny adorable bundt cakes, and to make them you need special canele pans which are usually tin on the inside and copper on the outside. This helps them get very dark and slightly crisp on the outside while staying soft and custardy on the inside, giving every bite of the canele a wonderful hint of burnt sugar and creamy vanilla-y filling. YUM! I recommend heating them in a 350F oven for about 7 minutes before serving. You get 8 caneles per order, just enough to say "more, please"!

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