Pickup: Sat, 11am - 4pm
Cutoff: Thurs, 6pm
1904 Brookdale Rd, Suite 128,
Naperville IL 60563

All Purpose Sauce - Tomato or Roasted Red Pepper (Choose Flavor)


Creamy sauce, made with either tomato or roasted red pepper, plus a blend of savory herbs (for the Italian flavor) or warm spices (for the Curry flavor). Versatile sauce that can be thickened with a roux, or thinned out for any dish you can think of!


  • pasta sauce
  • enchiladas!
  • a base for curries/gravies
  • a marinade for chicken
  • smothered on a pizza!
  • dip for bread and fries

14oz made to order, chilled, packaged in a to-go paper soup container.

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